3. Driving the Dolphin E-Bike

3.1. On-/ off button (Restart)

This button serves as the main switch (on/off button) of the Dolphin E-bike. When switching on, press the button down until you hear an acoustic signal as confirmation (chapter elimination of errors). Simultaneously, the entire electronic system starts up and restart.

Switching off is done via renewed pressing of the button. It jumps back into its starting position. There is no sound signal.

3.2. Enter the Code (for Swiss Models only)

After pressing the On-/Off button on the Dolphin E-bike, you must enter your personal access code. You are provided with your personal access code from your Dolphin E-bike information sheet.
To enter your personal access code use the three function keys. If entered correctly, four beep sound as confirmation.
(Detailed description see under chapters: The funktion keys)

3.3. Driving

Driving with Dolphin E-bike is very easy and fun. If you ascend, select a comfortable, "allround" level gear: In front in the large chain wheel, in the back in sprocket 5 or 6 and start to pedal. The rest happens automatically.

With 60 pedal revolutions per minute (1 revolution/second) the motor achieves its full power.

The sensor constantly measures your pedalling frequency, and electronics regulates automatically the motor power. When you pedal, the motor always assists you - it is like power steering - the motor automatically doubles your power input.

3.4. Function mode of the Dolphin Special Transmission

The characteristic of the patented special transmission lies in the fact that the rising speed of the electric motor that is in relationship to the pedal drive results in a continuous increase in driving speed without changing gears. The Electronics is programmed in such a way that you can accelerate on the flat or light gradients with continuous pedal frequency from 0 to 30 km/h, without changing gears.

3.5. Pedal Frequency and Motor Performance

The automatic motorcontroller is programmed on a usual pedal frequency of 60 revolutions per minute. I.e. with a pedal frequency of 60 U/min the engine achieves its full power.

Select within the 3x7 derailleur system, a comfortable gear ratio, so you can easily reach a pedal frequency of 60 U/min (importantly uphill). When you are used to pedalling either a lower or a higher frequency, the characteristic of the automatic motorcontroller can be adjusted to your pedalling frequency with the keys "PowerUp" and "PowerDown". (see function keys PowerUp and PowerDown)

3.6. Range, End of Energy/Battery

With your Dolphin E-bike you can drive on flat roads and small hills with a full battery charge up to 20-25 km. Different factors have however influence on the range:

- motor performance, position of the PowerUp and PowerDown keys
- hill;, the weight of the driver affects strongly the range.
- the pedal power of the driver has a substantial influence on the range.

The battery charge state is indicated by 5 LEDs, showing the capacity remaining in the battery. If your battery is fully-charged, all 5 LEDs are on. The last, lowest red LED has 2 functions:
- lights red: secondary last stage (20% capacity left)
- flashes red: last stage: (10% capacity left) the energy is however enough for 2-3 km driving

3.7. Low discharge protection

When the battery runs out of energy, the integrated low discharge protection reduces gradually the motor performance, so that the battery voltage can never sink under a permissible value. You can only feel that the motor performance is reduced and driving speed will be less. However it will not be harder to pedal.

The battery however is protected automatically by the motor regulation against an low-discharging.

Do not put low discharged batteries aside, without charging it again. This applies in particular to a longer rest break in the winter, during holidays....

Charge your discharged battery box as soon as possible.