4. The Function keys

4.1. Main Switch or Restart (On- / Off) Key

This key serves for switching your dolphin e-bike on and off. When the key is pressed it engages and it sounds an acoustic signal as confirmation (chapter elimination of errors). Simultaneously, the entire electronic system starts and/or restarts.

Switching off is done via renewed pressing of the key. It jumps back into its starting position. It does not sound a signal.

4.2. Automatic System Shut Off

Should you forget to switch off the dolphin e-bike, the system turns off automatically after five minutes. To restart press the On/Off or tne main key again.

4.3. Dolphin-Code (only applicable for Swiss models)

Due to a combersome situation in reinstating the user code whenever a code is incorrectly inputted within a limited posibility, i.e. the battery case must be return to the dealer/- manufacturer, this feature is not available abroad.

To avoid unnecessary loss. You must see to it that your vehicle is properely locked or safely kept when not attended.

4.4. Lights

Vehicle Lights
Dolphin has a new 12V lighting system with halogen headlight.

Lights on/off
To switch the light on and off; simply press the "Light" symbol after the main switch is engaged. A light sound beeps as confirmirmation whenever the light is switch on or off.

Note: This function is available only if the main switch is on. If the vehicle is left unatttended after five minutes, then the light is also automatically switched off.

Driving with light but without Motor
the automatic engine controller intalled in your vehicle has a low unloading protection which back-regulates the current so far that the battery voltage cannot fall under a certain value. The 12V electrical system remains unaffected by it. So that if your vehicle runs out of power the lights still burn for a long time just like a normal bike. Useful during night driving.

If you wish to drive your vehicle with light but without the motor working, simply press the power down key several times (approx. 7 times) to reduce the power. To drive with motor simply press the power up key several times again until the maximum is reached.

4.5. Reset Key

The light key has 2 functions. 1) being for lighting and 2) as a Reset key when press for about two to seconds. Then an acoustic signal sounds as confirmation.

4.6. PowerUp und PowerDown Key

Both keys serve as the engine support for individual regulation.

In in principle Dolphin drive system is simple and fully automatic. The automatic engine controller is programmed to constantly monitor your pedal frequency. In accordance with a function it computes engine performance appropriately, which corresponds to empirical values of many years of experience.

Dolphin is the only e-Bike in that the drive can also be individually regulated according to driver's wishes and or stamina. With the PowerUp and the PowerDown key the pedal frequency and/or the engine performance can be changed. Both keys can be use during driving and/or Standing.

The PowerUP key changes the relationship between pedal frequency/engine performance. After unique pressing of the key an appropriate engine performance can be reached while pedalling or not. Or when press again while continuous pedalling a stronger engine performance is achieved. The upward arrow key symbolizes more engine support. This key can be pressed also several times. It is indicated by an acoustic signal that the relationship pedal frequency/engine performance is changed around a stage by 4 revolutions per minute.

Example: Before pressing the power UP key the maximum speed of the engine (full power) is already reached with a pedal frequency by 60 U/min.; When press once it becomes with 56 U/Min. Pressed twice with 52 U/Min. Maximum perfromance is reached.

Note: By the PowerUp key more achievement is course-regulated, arrange increased engine performance with low pedalling frequencies you have a feeling to advance faster. This however do not apply to higher pedalling frequencies. The maximum speed of the engine, and thus the maximum speed remain unchanged.

PowerDown Key
It changes the relationship pedalling frequency/engine performance in way contrary to the power UP key. When PowerDown key is pressed once or several times, the maximum speed of the engine can only by reached with higher pedalling frequencies. This has different effect in regard that with pedalling frequency by a usual 60 U/Min only 70% or 80% of the maximum speed of the engine are reached.

driving with increased achievement by operation of the power UP key increased logical-proves the energy consumption; this again reduces the range. By in or you can reduce repeated operation of the power down key the portion of engine performance and thus the energy consumption.

Energy Consumption
Driving with PowerUp Key logically increased the energy comsumption, thus reduces the range in kilometer.

Through driving with PowerDown key by pressing it once of several times and pedalling with a higher frequency you are reducing the energy consumption and increasing the range in kilometer.