2. The battery unit

2.1. Taking the battery case off the vehicle

Place yourself at the left side of the vehicle (in driving direction)

Open the quick release fastener, which is secured on the battery case underneath the vehicle frame.

Pull the battery case carefully at the handle towards you with your left hand until the back of the battery case is disengaged from the framework. Release the guide pins. With your right hand, supporting and guiding the back part of the battery case (best from the left side).

Now swing (always with your right hand supporting and guiding) the back part of the battery case off the triangular form of the framework towards you. The axle of the quick-release fastener provided with a mushroom head should remain in the keyhole_form recess in the handle.

Now you only need the entire battery case over the mushroom-shaped end of the quick-release fastener to move it away.

2.2. Installing the batttery case

The simple way is to try to follow the procedures for taking out the battery case in reverse order:

Place yourself on the left side of the vehicle (in driving direction).

Make sure that the multi-plug is clean. Hold the battery case with the left hand at the handle. With the right hand, guide and support the back of the battery case. Invert the appropriate part of the opening in the handle over the mushroom head on the axle of the quick-release fastener. Now you move the back part of the battery case at the guide pins past into the framework triangle. In addition you must push the battery case forward on the crossbar as far as possible (in driving direction). Push carefully the entire case to the rear and pay attention to the fact that the two white guide pins should slide into the pilot holes.

Do not attempt to use extra force; this can lead to defects!

Check whether the battery case is sitting properly on the guide pins. Now close the quick-release fastener; the battery case is now correctly installed.

Attention: If a continuous audio signal sounds, when the battery case is switch on, then it does not sits properly on the guide pins, and the multi-plug at the back of the battery case does not give a perfect contact.

2.3. Handling the battery case

Always place the battery case on the lower surface (not on the upper or back).

Never place it lying down on the side covers: - and in particular not when charging. The side covers constitute a part of the elegant Design of the Dolphins, but they are fragil and sensitive to scratches. Make sure to store the bottery case in a clean and dry place.