8. Trouble shooting

The Dolphin e-bike is equiped with and accoustic signal codes. It can prompt user of any failures or descripancies. Possible significant descripancies are detailed in this chapter:

No Signal (when switch on)
Meaning/ Possible cause/ Remedy

- The safety switch located at the lower part of the battery case is switched off.
Use ball point pin, press the switch pin inwards until it snaps.

- The battery is completely discharged over a longer period that the vehicle is not in use. Charge the battery, do several full charge and complete discharge until the battery is satisfactorily revived.

- Battery is defect
contact your nearest service center

Long and inactive signal (when switch on)
- The battery is low discharged or your personal code is entered wrongly after 10 times (for Swiss models only).
Charge the battery or contact your nearest service center

Two immediate signals with a longger interval in between (when switch on)
-The Motor controller displayed too hot temperature.
contact your nearest service center