When the vehicle (dolphin) is delivered, all basic adjustments in the computers like wheel radius and Km-setting is installed and the computer is ready for operation.

shows the actual speed. It is permanently displayed on the upper part.

shows the total driven Kilometer (since battery changed)
ODO can only be deleted when battery is changed.

shows the actual driven distance.
DST can be reset (keep the button pressed for 2 seconds)

shoes the total driven time since the last reset.
TM can be reset (keep the button pressed for 2 seconds)

Average Speed
AVG is obtain by dividing DST by TM
-The counter then appears after 5 seconds and the seconds reset.
-Display „E“ means TM is bigger than 100 hours or DST is bigger than 10000 Km
Through Reset, a new counter begins.

7.1. Daily Usage

We highly recommend driving with an "Auto-Scanning mode". Press the button until the "SCAN display" showed. Within 5 seconds time all possible display should be run through.

If the SCAN mode is switched off, one of these possible displays can also be permanently installed.

7.2. Automatic Start / Stop

The Computer starts the above mentioned functions automatically by start and stop. This also applies during standby.

The Computer shuts off after 4 minutes in standby and automatically adopts into battery saving mode.

7.3. Reset Daily Counter

The function "Time, Distance and Average Speed" are thought for daily counter. By pressing the buttons at the back of the bike computer for about 2-3 seconds, the daily counter can adjusts these functions back to zero.

The Reset is for everyday use, helpful for the following informations: Daily distance, driving time, etc.

Average Speed, the stretch of determined distance/ driving, Comparable distance -

Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit, Länge einer bestimmten Strecke/ Fahrt, Vergleich Strecken – Eruieren des kürzesten Weges... Vergleich Durchschnittsgeschw. Für Trainingswzecke.... Eruieren der gefahrenen Distanz pro Batterieladung durch Rückstellung nach erfolgter Ladung. Zusätzliche Orientierungshilfe über verbleibende Reststrecke einer Batterieladung.

7.3. Bike Computer Battery Change

During the battery change, all datas are deleted.
The computer must be adjusted accordingly:
- Wheel Circumference
- KM-Setting
- User Favorite Modes