6. Battery maintenance

Following points in Nickel-Cadmium Batteries should be observed:

For an optimized lifetime capacity, the battery should be always driven empty and then again charged fully. This eliminates the so-called "Memory effect", which could influence the driving range. Cold temperature too affects the range, hence for an optimal operating temperature, the battery must be kept at 25C.

If the vehicle is not in use for longer time, it is important that the battery is fully charged before storage. Should it be longer than 2 months, then the battery must be fully charged again to avoid low discharged, which can affect the performance of the battery.

The storage temperature must not be under 5C and humidity to be not under 40%.

The battery case must be stored separately from the vehicle. This will eliminate damage to the battery case.

To obtain the full capacity of the battery again after a long non-operation, the battery Akku must be completely discharged and fully charged for several times (Cycled) until the battery capacity is fully restored.