5. Charging the Dolphin Battery

The battery of the vehicle can be charged just anywhere and everywhere.

When charging; the dolphin battery case can be left attached in the vehicle or can be unhocked from it and charge in any ordinary lectrical outlets, be it at home, at your office or in a restaurant...

5.1. Charging the Battery in the Vehicle

If you have an electrical outlets in a garage, a bicycle shelter or an easily accessible cellar, then you can load the battery completely directly in the vehicle. On the lower surface of the battery case is a 3-pole power supply plug, whose connection you can pull out approx. 20 cm. When necessary use an additional commercial extension cord and plug it to a convenience outlet 220 V. For more details see section "loading procedure".

5.2. Charging the Battery Not in the Vehicle

If you do not have a possibility of charging the battery case attached directly in the vehicle, then simply unhocked the battery case from the vehicle (see guide taking off battery case) and take it at the handle and connect it to any electrical outlets.

5.3. Loading Procedure

After connecting the battery case to an electrical outlet the multi-level loading procedure begins automatically. This is by means of an integrated power supply plug in the vehicle.