1. Getting started

Driving the Dolphin E-Bike is rather easy. If you are used to ride a bike, you will have no problem driving the Dolphin e-bike, as the motor is controlled by a very intelligent electronic, that senses your mode.

Here a few hints, so you can get started right away:

1.1. Riding the Dolphin

- Check if the battery case is correctly placed and secured to the frame

- Press ON/OFF Button: short confirmation signal appears (green light) ( Chapter Trouble shooting)

- Enter Code via Funktion button: 4 Acoustic Signal

- Your bike is ready to roll!! The harder you pedal the more the motor helps you!

- Electronic Security Protection / Automatic shut off: The vechile electronics shuts off by itself after 5 minutes when the vehicle is left unattended: To Restart: Press ON/OFF button and enter your code anew (fow Swiss models only), as mentioned above!

1.2. Charging

- either detach the battery case from the frame or leave it in the vehicle. Turn off the main switch (ON/OFFF Button)!

- both yellow LEDs blinking and flashes afterwards

- Green LED flashes = Battery full (all 5 red LEDs flashing)

- Pull the main cabel out (if necessary detach the battery case from the vehicle frame), Press ON/OFF button, enter code and the vehicle is ready to ride again!