Das grosse Geburtstagesfest

Älter wird man von alleine, aber die Freunde sorgen dafür, dass man jung bleibt.

Wie viele Kerzen sind es wohl?

Viele Gäste, da hilft jeder mit, damit niemand Hunger haben muss.

The professional table decorations

The Band is ready!

Last check if everything is in place.

. . . approved!

The buffet is ready for the guests.

There they come . . .

Flowers for the birthday girl

. . . and some sweeties for Tanya.

The wine and the smalltalk

What can I say?

The waggon-wheel (not for vegetarians)

All set!

Save the first dance for me

All real Swiss

from Pfäffikon, from Zunzgen, from Ormalingen . . .

. . .

And a song for you

The smile of 57 adults and 34 children

Look the bird!

Meagan and Debby

Everybody dance with me.

. . .and talk and watch the party


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Tango or what?

Follow the steps!

Just Dance!

And Boy concentrates on the requested songs.

May and Issy (dancing on the table?)

Gwendolyn just loves the party and to dance with Jane

The kids have their own party

The next party is on the way ? ! ?

Me too!

The fathers pride.

And there comes Gsundi!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!

A special gift from Linda:

This one for That

. . . and That against This

The chance to start a new career with a guitar

. . . and always keep a warm heart

for your very young husband!

Titanic song for eternal love!

Of course not only Papa . . .

. . . but also my little girl.

. . . and more endless love!

How low can you go?

. . . well this is a question of age?

. . . with 10 no problem.

with 4 even less

The guitar found already it s talent.

Better than Christmas for me . . .

No more time to play

ByeBye and we are already looking forward to the next chance.

. . . Tschüüüüs!